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Is your check engine light on? Don’t ignore it! At Art of Maintenance, located in Portland, our Check Engine Light service helps identify the issue behind that pesky warning light.

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Here are just a few of our customer reviews.

My experience was wonderful. Precise information, clear cost estimates and great personal service. Any future repairs will be with Art of Maintenance.

Tami Foster Thrasher

Brought in our old X5 for a radiator leak and James and Kevin were communicative and helpful when it turned into much more of an issue.

Zack Cooper

They were super helpful in fixing a flat on my car. Went above and beyond and didn’t charge at the end. Super grateful for their professional service.

Rita Sabler

I experienced excellent service, I got my alternator fixed and now my cars running good. If I ever need repairs I’m coming back here.

Gennesis Morris

Great auto shop! My car has close to 200k miles and I feel confident driving it knowing it’s well taken care of.

Katie Boyd

My brakes were making my car un-driveable, and they were able to get them all repaired same day.

David Fikstad

They were quick and reliable when I needed to get my tires fixed. Would definitely recommend them.

Phillip Arroyo Long

My most recent visit was just as good as in the past. They are great at communication and the service was thorough and quick!!

Anne Williamson

Kevin and the rest of the guys just replaced my brakes and rotors. They were fair, friendly, and fast. Thanks again for another job well done.

Ari Johnston

These guys are the best, excellent, friendly and super efficient service. We pretty much only bring our cars here!

Jenn Salati

Came for a minor seatbelt issue and was helped right away, free of charge! Very friendly and responsive. Highly recommend!

Caroline McDonald

Would definitely recommend. Kevin was very friendly and knowledgeable of what the issue was with my truck. They had me back on the road in no time.

Tim Prothe

Got me in and out the same day. All four new tires and an oil change. Easy process throughout and good communication.

Joshua Negrini

My car started to over heat and shut down on me. They figured out what was wrong and got it back on the road for me. Thank you.

Jacob Ward

They took care of some coolant leaks for my truck. Thank you every thing and everything went great I will be back!!

Reese Ravendale

These folks are the most professional, fair, and genuine mechanics in Portland. Would not trust my truck with anyone else.

Andrew Sciambi

This shop is very knowledgeable and took care of my car and got me back on the road in the same day. Thanks Kevin.

Brian Pennebaker

Everyone here is very professional and punctual, work is done right and for a fair price! Technicians are very knowledgeable.

Tyler Johnston

I’ve been taking my cars here for years and have been happy with the professionalism of the staff and quality of service.

Dan Evans

Looking for a brake job, they got me in and out in the same day with great service and warranty. I will be back for all my car needs. Thanks Kevin.

Lance Nakamoto

Got me in quick, same day service. Car was fixed sooner than expected. Great customer service!

Jonathan Bellmore

These Guys took care of me after breaking down and did a fast diagnosis. Great place I’ll be visiting again when needed.

Demus Martinez

Got me in and out the door with repairs to my Saab. Friendly service and reassurance offered as I drove my car to the shop. My new mechanic!

Josh Gibson

Art of Maintenance did a wonderful job! I would absolutely come back here. Great prices and kind customer service.

Erin Swanson

These guys are great. They are honest, quick and they do good work. Customer service is outstanding as well!

Nathan Javens

I requested to see the spark plugs that they replaced and they also showed me the difference between a worn out spark plug and a new one.

Mary H Schuldheisz

Fastest oil change I’ve ever gotten. Will keep coming back. Recommend Carl or Mike for the job. Kevin is polite and helpful with questions.

Alexis Sherman

Everyone is very friendly and welcoming! The tech’s get the job done right the first time and swiftly!

Michele Arndorfer

They were great. I trust that they will give the best service and recommendations in order for my vehicle to run great.

Loisi Penitoa

Fast and friendly service. Thoroughly explained worked that needed and was in fact performed.

Michael Garcie
Engine Light Services

Why Choose Our Check Engine Light Service?

Our experienced technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to scan your vehicle’s onboard computer system. We pinpoint the underlying issue triggering the check engine light, providing you with accurate insights into your vehicle’s health.

At Art of Maintenance, located in Portland, our experienced technicians specialize in Check Engine services. We carefully analyze the scan results, providing accurate diagnoses and expert recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Experience peace of mind with our Check Engine Light Scan service. Stop by our Portland location today, and let our experts instantly diagnose and resolve any issues with your vehicle.

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Reasons to Schedule a Check Engine Light Scan

When your dashboard’s check engine light illuminates, it signals a potential issue that requires attention.

If your vehicle is experiencing decreased performance or unusual behavior, a scan can help identify the problem.

A decline in fuel efficiency might be related to engine issues indicated by the check engine light.

Regular scans are often part of manufacturer-recommended maintenance.

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